The conceptual connection of the collection Coctelera makes sense with the features of the new post-industrial society. This is why we do not find a traditional projection of femininity or masculinity in the looks of this collection. In our contemporary world, masculine and feminine have diluted, they are just roles which have revealed themselves as a building, a story that is out-of-date to many of these young people: more social stories than biological realities.
Coctelera is addressed to the new men and women who have understood this fundamental change, assuming that all identities are valid, with no differences or limits.
Ultimately, there is the difficult balance between chaos and order. All this filtered through lots of artistic influences, often also opposed (Psychedelia, Glam, Pop, Surrealism, Postmodernism…) until configuring some garments distinguished both by its complexity and uncertainty and also by its avant-garde approach.
A veritable provocation to the dominant procedures in the fashion industry.

Photo: Paco Peregrín.
Creative Director: José Luis Díaz Megía.
Video Editing: Iñaki San Juan.
Stylist: Mario Ville.
Make-up: Junior Cedeño (Dior).
Hairdressers: Crisanto Banco & Elisabel Serrano (L’Oréal).
Music: TXBProject.
Digital Assistant: David García.
Production: Hijomía González.
Hairdresser Assistant: Lorena Martín.
Stylist Assistant: José M. Curado & Isabella Herrero.
Cast: Alex Francisco & Claudia Gago (Francina).
Length: 1’ 50’’.


It-Spain Spring/Summer 2017 advertising campaign by Paco Peregrín