Efímera (Ephemeral)

Efímera (Ephemeral) is about the unknown and the imperfect beauty and a wonderful reflection on the passing of time, a metaphor of the ephemeral nature of beauty and life.
Focusing on the varied interconnected artistic looks of a female model, Efímera is a metaphor for the four ages of human beings. Concepts such as life and death are treated symbolically in this project helping Paco Peregrín to reflect on life´s fleeting solitude.
Thanks to its very dramatic, powerful and artistic aesthetic, Efímera makes explicit reference to the quick passage of time but it is also a positive film about diversity and freedom that encourages us to enjoy and live life intensely without fears.

Creation & Direction: Paco Peregrín.
Production directors: Javier Rey & José Murciano.
Make-up: Lewis Amarante.
Postproduction & VFX direction: Iñaki San Juan.
Director of Photography: Javier Cortés.
Creative & Art Direction: Paco Peregrín.
Cast: Kasia S. (Trend Model Management).
Fashion consulting: Mario Ville.
Music: Karim Shaker.
Length: 3’ 18’’.

Making of Efímera

Making of "Efímera", a Beauty and personal film by Paco Peregrín for the 6th Marie Dalgar Crossover Art Project (China).

Making of photos

Filming pictures and stills of Efímera.